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  • MoneyBags Now Available

    BookNoBackgroundSmMoneyBags is happy to announce that MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching your Kids About Money is now available and immediately shipping from the Beaver’s Pond Press online book store.

    With a retail price of $19.95, MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching your Kids About Money is the perfect gift for new parents and a trusted resource for existing parents on how to teach their kids about how money works. The 52 lessons are easy to understand and explained using real world stories and experiences to which parents and kids can relate. Commit to teaching your kids one lesson per week and you will:

    • Teach them how to manage money,
    • Learn with your kids how to eliminate bad money habits,
    • Teach them to spend their money wisely and save prudently for their future,
    • Eliminate the nickel and diming of your kids saying, “I want this, and I want that.”
    • Teach them to have respect and be responsible for things, and
    • Create a new cycle of wise money management that can be passed on to future generations.

    Click here to purchase MoneyBags from Beaver’s Pond Press and join the MoneyBags Mission to help put your kids on the path to future financial freedom.

    MoneyBags Sample Chapter

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