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  • Post Archive: Jun 2011

    • 3….2….1….

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      And a way we go!!!!

      Monday everything became official, I forward my book to the editor!!!! Today is a beautiful day outside and I am for the first time a loss of what to do with my time. Do I make it a day of errands, round up some friends for lunch, take a long walk, clean out the garage, or visit a coffee shop with no writing agenda?

      One thing I am doing is to actually practicing what I preach.  One recommendation in the book is to practice discipline, like some religions, by giving up something for 40 days.  I figured if I am going to put it in the book, I should try it for myself. Looking for a win-win, I decided to give up carbs to help me lose weight! I am on day four and have cheated once due to a birthday party at my office.   After all, how can you say no to birthday cake?

      Here is to filling your Moneybag!