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  • Delayed Gratification — MoneyBags is printing as I type!

    MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching Kids About Money

    I started this unexpected journey in early 2009.  I was surprised when I saw a good friend, who was smart and a good parent, but he struggled when teaching his kids the basics in how to handle and think through money decisions.  I then looked back at his upbringing and it all made sense, he only knew what he was taught by his parents and he was passing his limited knowledge on to his kids.  So, I began feverishly writing all the things that I had learned.  The lessons just poured out one right after another.  Pages and pages of money lessons, but then I ran into a couple of problems, there is so much to know and how do I organize the information?  More importantly, how do I make it simple and fun?

    I then went to my good friend and executive coach at the time, Nancy Imholt, and explained to her this need I had in writing this book.  She listened, smiled and got it!  She saw a bigger vision than I could at the time.  Then my passion became a dream.

    I spent my spare time over the next couple of years, writing, researching, obtaining feedback, making changes, began blogging, and focusing on completing the book.  At times, the finished product seemed so close, but then there would be a setback, from having no time for writing, to editors that did not connect to me or my vision.  Through Nancy, I found my publisher, which linked me up to key people to help me through the process from editors to book designers, and so on.  I also had to seek out people on my own to design the logo, web site, illustrations, and other countless tasks.

    I was also blessed with cheerleaders.  Many of my friends and colleagues have been encouraging, positive, and even anxious as they look forward to the completion of the book I have been talking about for so long.  Carlos Rodriguez and Amber Appel have been my biggest supporters.  They joined MoneyBags LLC, even though there is not a penny of profit.  Their help, input and support is priceless!  Also, my future success of the book now depends on me being able to take a little more time away from the office, so I am grateful for Carla Keck, who is my right hand and has my back at every turn.  With her at the wheel, I can confidently take time to spread my vision.

    So, after many years and numerous edits, within in a few short days the book will be complete.  The website will be live. I feel like a little kid at Christmas.  I am about to burst from the excitement and anticipation of the long awaited arrival of MoneyBags in my hands.  Oh, the overwhelming feeling of delayed gratification!  This important money lesson is covered in Chapter 25 of the book.  It talks about the famous researcher, Walter Mischel, and his marshmallow test.   It explains his findings and the importance of having self-discipline to not always grab, but to realize the bigger reward for waiting.

    Here is to filling your MoneyBag!


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