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  • Birth of a logo


    This week was exciting!!!! The birth of my logo has occurred (to be posted once trademark protected), I got my LLC tax payer ID so I can now open up my checking account, and the book is in clean up phase!  I will make a June 1 completion date for the book to finally go to the editor!!!!!  Better late than never.

    Minnesota’s weather has been miserable this spring and I blame myself for the deal I made with Mother Nature (please don’t let the
    weather turn nice until I am done with the book) who knew I had so much pull.   Today will be a full read of the book with tweaks here and there.  I feel as if my need to tweak will never stop, but the editor is my backstop.  I just need to make sure I can get in all the important things that are flying around in my head.  Just Friday, I found a new statistic in reading Sarah Lorge Butler’s article “One Small, Surprising Way to Ensure Your Kid Gets to College” quoting from the College Savings Initiative, “kids with a savings account in their own name are six times more likely to attend college than those without an account.”  How is that for incentive to teach your kids to save money!

    As the Nike tag line states, just do it, go and open a saving account for your kids today!

    Here is to filling your Moneybag!


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