MoneyBags Resources

MoneyBags is happy to provide you with the following resources and tools to help you on your MoneyBags Mission.  If you have any ideas for other tools that you think would help you on your journey to understanding money, please contact us and let us know what they are.

MoneyBags Sample Chapters
MoneyBags Sample (.pdf)
Check out MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching your Kids About Money with this sample chapter from the book.

Chapter 3
Family Confidentiality Agreement (.pdf)
An agreement to use with your child that promises that they will keep all family money matters confidential.

Chapter 17
Net Worth Calculator (.pdf)
Calculate your  target and actual net worth using this form.  

Chapter 20
MoneyBags Budget Document(.pdf)
Having a budget is very important to your financial success.  Use this form to create a monthly and yearly budget.  This form also includes a simple kid’s budget your children can use to create their own budget.

Chapter 51
Family Loan Agreement (.pdf)
Use this form to teach your kids about loans and borrowing money.

Game Tweak Instructions
The following are some simple tweaks to make to some very popular games that will reinforce some of the MoneyBags learnings and help your children to understand money better.

The Allowance Game® Tweaks & Modifications (.pdf)
The Game of Life® Game Tweak (.pdf)
Monopoly® Here & Now Game Tweak (.pdf)
Pay Day® Game Tweak (.pdf)

MoneyBags Tools requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher.  To download the most current version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.