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  1. MoneyBags E-Book – The Joy of Delayed Gratification Strikes Again!

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    After much delay, MoneyBags has entered the 21st century!!!!

    I am most excited to tell you that it is official, you can now buy “MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching Your Kids About Money” as an EBook for $9.99! As a person from the “old school,” I have always enjoyed holding and reading a physical book.  However, I am surprised that I really like the EBook too.

    I found the whole process rather easy. I made MoneyBags my first purchase (of course) and I am impressed at how crisp and easy it is to read.  Furthermore, I like that you simply swipe to turn a page and that there are hyperlinks take you to the chapter or website with a simple click.  You can navigate back and forth to different chapters via the table on contents.  Plus, I can also change the font style, font size, line spacing, background color, margins, and brightness for my desired reading pleasure.

    Furthermore, most people carry their electric devices everywhere, so now it is super easy to walk through a quick chapter with your kids when you are waiting at the airport, on a long car ride, or simply waiting for you meal at a restaurant.

    For your MoneyBags Mission, please take a peek at the new EBook, rate it in the “Before You Go” section, and tell a friend!

    Here is to filling your MoneyBags!





  2. Don’t Waste Your Money!

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    A MoneyBags Moment!

    Do you ever have just a magical moment? When they occur it is so awesome it is like you are dreaming.  Well, that just happened to me.

    It happened when I was out with my boyfriend, celebrating my 20 year anniversary of being an advisor. We went to my favorite local hole in the wall burger joint, Blue Door.  It is here were we ran into our new friend Jayla.

    The burger joint is tinny and the waiting room for a table is back by the bathrooms. It was there where John saw Jayla write on the black board wall “Don’t waste your money.”  As we talked with here we found out it was her golden birthday (she just turned 8)!

    Needless to say, I was so move, exited, and impressed that I felt the only appropriate thing to do was to give her a book. I can tell by her wisdom that her mom was taking time to teach her valuable money lessons.

    Here is to filling your MoneyBags!

  3. Book Signing: Southern Illinois Women’s Health Conference

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    MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching Kids About MoneyJoin Wendy on September 20, 2014, for a MoneyBags book signing event sponsored by John Forbes of Forbes Financial Group. Wendy will be signing copies of MoneyBags: A Guide to Teaching Your Kids About Money from 7:30 to 8:15 am at the Southern Illinois Women’s Health Conference on the John A. Logan College campus in Carterville, Illinois.


    For more information about the Women’s Health Conference or to register for the event, please visit www.w4hw.com.

    Forbes Financial Group LogoFor information on Forbes Financial Group , please visit www.ForbesFinancialOnline.com.

  4. Tetherball of Success – A New MoneyBags Moment

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    Family Savings JarAs I write this  I have a HUGE smile on my face.  I am sitting on the porch listening to my neighbors (both parents and kids) laughing as they play with the new tetherball in their backyard. This tetherball is very special, since they told me that they bought it with their Family Saving Jar money (Chapter 2)! Woohoo! Way to save that change and create a MoneyBags Moment!

  5. The Cost of Clutter and Explaining it to your Kids

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    Money Manifesters!!!

    Today I was reading a great article by Amanda Enayati titled “Why Clutter Matters and De-cluttering is Difficult.”  In the article, she states that clutter is expensive and costs an average of $10 per square foot just to store items.  Approximately 10% of the population spends $1,000 a year on storage units.  Of the people that have two car garages, 25% are too full for the owners to their park cars!    Sadly, 23% of people pay bills late and incur fees due to misplaced/lost statements.  Overall, an average American spends a year of their life looking for misplaced items.  Explain the cost of clutter to your kids.

    As a fun exercise, go a step further with your kids and talk about all the “stuff” in your garage/basement.  Ask them to think about how much you paid for all that “stuff!”  Make a game of it.  Pick out 10-30 items and have everyone write on a sheet of paper, what they think was spent on all of the items in total.  Then make the game into a scavenger hunt.  Have your kids make a list of all the “stuff” in your garage/basement (the items that you have picked out).  (Note:  Each kid can have the same lists or you can have them look for separate items.)   Then go to the store(s) and have the kids locate and write down the price of the different items.  For example, maybe your list has four lawn chairs, two bikes, grill, lighter fluid, coals, five gallons of paint, potting soil, 25 planting pots, lawn mower,  etc.  After your trip, have your kids total up their lists and see who was closest to the total guess that was written on the paper.  Ask them what they learned like this.  Were they surprised at the cost of all the stuff?  How much would you have to pay in taxes?  Calculate tax of 5%, 8%, and 10%.  How often is the stuffed used?  Is the “stuff” in good shape or has it been damaged or neglected? How many weeks would it take your kids to save their full allowance to pay for all that “stuff” (including taxes 10%)?  How would it feel to have the money spent on all the “stuff” inside their MoneyBag instead?

    Here is to filling your MoneyBag!


  6. Living a Money Bags Life

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    I had an awesome day of thinking/writing on the book last Sunday.  I was lucky enough to have a good friend that was out of town and gracious enough to let me to work from her house.  The environment is the lap of luxury, but still inviting.  To top it all off, Eddie her big yellow striped cat was there to keep me company.  Since she had been gone almost two weeks touring Ireland, I was a welcome site.  Two things are always a fact when I see Eddie, he loves to snuggle via a human like hug nudging my chin (he just cannot get close enough) and I am always wearing black.

    Since the environment was ideal, it was a great day to take a fresh look at the organization of the book I am writing.  I feel this is the cheap NFL jerseys hardest part of the book since money is not lieniar and cheap MLB jerseys there is so much to know.  I spent most of Are the day just working manual style with pages all over the wholesale NBA jerseys counter.  Move this chapter forward and that one back.

    I also got wholesale NFL jerseys crystal clear on the age of my target audience’s kids.  Initially, I was trying to have different seniors for older wholesale NFL jerseys kids, but this weekend when the decision to focus on younger kids made it more concise.

    I am excited, because with the progress I made, I feel one more good weekend will allow me to reach my goal of getting the book to the point where I am comfortable sending it du out for input from my good friends, family, and colleagues.   It is kind of funny how everyone thinks I want them to edit, but in their defense, with my awesome spelling skills Family and lengthy sentences (note sarcasm) I am sure it will be natural.  My goal Lifetime… for them is to let me know if I am hitting the mark.  Are Disclaimer there chapters that need tweaking or do they even have a story or lesson to add? 

    The one thing that I am excited by and envision happening is feedback and stories from you, my audience.  I envision people giving me their stories and tools for teaching that cheap NBA jerseys can incorporate Amy le in book two or its own book.

    Finally, wholesale NFL jerseys the retainer to hire Beaver’s Pond Press is to be mailed this week!  This company is a dream come true.  It allows me to hire professionals, but maintain control of the overall decision of the book.  With their professional guidance I am in the driver seat, but get to delegate and use their strengths.  I have enjoyed meeting Milt and Amy and trust that they will help me create the book I am envisioning.

    I ended the night by making the needed edits and nailing the bartering section — that never seemed right to me!

    The thought that wholesale MLB jerseys this time next year, the book will be published is still hard to imagine, but it is going to happen!